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Yesterday, we made the journey to Jamestown for a memorial service for my dad. A sad occasion but we also had to be concerned about the lake effect snow warnings that flashed on signs as we made our way along I86. There were threats of up to 8 inches of snow likely to fall but [...]

And What a Fun, Fantastic, and Amazing Day!

Yes, can you believe it? After my post about yesterday, I just *had* to post about our most fun adventure on Saturday!  I had meant to post this first, but got ahead of myself!!! (yeah, I know…called “disorganization”!!!) If you read my blog, you will see that my main commenter is Jeanne.  Jeanne and her [...]

Saying Good Bye

Yesterday was an emotional day saying our good byes to my Aunt Lena.  The good news is that hers was a life well lived. As Carly and I talked about my dad’s side of the family, we were amazed.  All of my dad’s siblings that have passed away have lived long lives.  Some of the [...]

It Feels Like Summer!

Today’s temperature really did feel like summer. In fact, it was a new record high for this date. The family was off to Rochester and I stayed home with little Murphy.  We didn’t do much at all….just basically hung out and chilled. Last night, in the middle of the night, I awoke with a terrible [...]