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The Graduate!

On her way, in the car!  Michelle was feeling a tad nervous, but also quite confident! We arrived and found our seats. As the ceremonies began, there was lots of hoopla, with bagpipes and a procession of deans, the Provost, the President of RIT, and the graduates. It was quite spectacular, all in all.  What [...]

Mostly Murphy

Ah yes, last evening, the lighting seemed “just right” and Murphy was looking so cute ( he *always* does to us, though) that I thought I would take a few photos of him. You will notice the last photo was of him on the couch….he had decided he had enough of the photography. haha….I wasn’t [...]

How Quickly Time Flies

This post was actually written yesterday, April 27, but I was having trouble posting it with my phone due to poor reception! This is Michelle sporting her medallion she received at the Outstanding Undergraduate Scholars event…she looks like she owns the world, doesn’t she? Today she picked up her cap and gown for graduation. This [...]

I Wonder Why?

Why is it that I have been so tired as the darkness sets in?  And why was I awake at four this morning?  Poor little Murphy was enjoying a nice deep slumber when I told him it was time to get up! Michelle had classes today and I was concerned about her driving by herself [...]

Another (Birth) Day!

Today we celebrated Michelle’s twentieth birthday… just does not seem possible she is that old. Where did the time go? Michelle and Ben designed this day according to Michelle’s wishes.  Michelle’s boyfriend, Jacob, arrived here shortly after 7:30 am, as planned.  Ben made waffles and bacon for breakfast.  After breakfast, the kids watched television for [...]

In Downtown Rochester

Yesterday afternoon, Michelle had an interview for an internship job.  At Rochester Institute of Technology, it is mandatory that students work for two ten week periods at a business in their field of study before they can graduate. Michelle is majoring in Business Management and she is thinking she might like to hone in on [...]

A little afternoon visit

Michelle has finished up this quarter of the school year.  Rochester Institute of Technology does things its own little way. Instead of the typical semesters, the school does quarters.  Each quarter is made up of a ten week (intense) session.  This will be changing, but only after Michelle has already graduated next year! The following [...]

Allegany State Park, revisited

I had to chuckle as I read the title of the last post.  Busy? Last Sunday, we had planned to take a little trip as Michelle begins college soon.  Tomorrow soon!  Yes, tomorrow is Labor Day and the United States of America rests and pays tribute to its laborers.  However, Rochester Institute of Technology begins [...]