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Stir Crazy!

Our weather has been making me stir crazy.  Either that, or perhaps I am suffering from cabin fever! Seriously. It has been chilly, wet, dark, dreary, and just not the kind of weather one wants to venture forth in! When I get like this, I need adventure! I love looking at seed catalogs and such, [...]

Back to Blogville

I have taken some time off from blogging.  One reason is the loss of a friend I met online and also because we have been so busy and I found myself quite stressed. I thought to atone for my absence, I would give you a delicious and very easy recipe. That’s a pretty good deal, [...]

Oh my gut….

I was feeling pretty chipper this morning.  Nearly restless!  So, I made a Blueberry Pie.  Thinking that the guys would be working outside later, I decided to make up a batch of  Tomato Soup. Carly had told me the recipe in the book I have mentioned here (Slow Cooker Revolution) previously was delicious.  As a [...]

Is there a cure for “Eaglitis”?

I have no idea why I am so enamored with the eagle down in Woodville.  I think about it all the time and every time I see an eagle (there is probably more than one that roosts in that tree, I would think) it is as though I have never seen one before. Yesterday, Michelle and [...]