Autumn Scenes from the Finger Lakes

It occurred  to me today that one of the reasons that people love this time of the year is because of the gorgeous lighting. I never would have noticed this except that photography has helped me discover so many properties I would have missed! As the sun sets lower and lower in the sky, it really does turn into a warm golden-yellow glow that really accentuates all the colors of autumn. Unfortunately, between the price of gasoline and work that needs to be done around the house,  I am missing my little adventures to just take photos.

I do have some pictures to share, though, that I have taken recently…

And my favorite picture…

The story behind this photo is that Mark and I took a ride to Penn Yan one day so I could pick up some specialty bread flour. On our way home, we passed by a little restaurant that sells not only chicken and hotdogs and such, but also ice cream cones.  It wasn’t really a hot day, but it was warm.  I told Mark we should stop for a cone.  As we pulled into the parking lot, this dog was lying in the back of his “people’s” van.  They left the tailgate open so the dog wouldn’t overheat.  I was so amused by this sweet dog’s delight to just “hang out” while the humans ate!

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