How Quickly Time Flies

This post was actually written yesterday, April 27, but I was having trouble posting it with my phone due to poor reception! This is Michelle sporting her medallion she received at the Outstanding Undergraduate Scholars event…she looks like she owns the world, doesn’t she? Today she picked up her cap and gown for graduation. This [...]

A most Vigorous Adventure!

I nearly forgot to post this! On Sunday, late afternoon, Ben asked Michelle if she wanted to go hiking with him.  She declined, and overhearing the conversation, I offered to go along.  Poor Ben. He should have thought some more before accepting my offer! We live not far from a “multiple use area”,  owned by [...]

Since It’s so Gloomy Here

Wow, last night, we had a real thunderstorm!  Seems we rarely see these in our neck of the woods. For one reason or another, we don’t get much in the line of thunder or lightning, so last night’s storm was quite the event!  I love weather…especially storms, be they thunder or snow! While it seems [...]

This. and That!

I thought I might share just a few more photos from our little outing on Saturday. You cannot even *imagine* the scent in the room above!  It was overwhelming, at best.  There was every variety of springtime flower there! As I walked into this room, the mister above was on….all I could think about was [...]