Motorcycle Bling!

The other day, Mark and I went out for a little while.  We called the kids before we came home and found they wanted Tom Wahl’s burgers for dinner. We called in the order and went to pick it up. While we were in the parking lot, a few people pulled up on their Harley Davidson [...]

Unlikely Company!

While out on the porch this morning, Mark spotted a buck out in our “front yard”.  I use that expression loosely, as the woods makes up a good part of said yard!  I went back inside the house to grab my Nikon camera, figuring the fellow would be well into the woods in the time [...]

Well Then!

I had a dentist appointment at 5:30 on Thursday evening. I had spent the day in Rochester, trying to forget about the dentist….I am unsure if anyone hates going to the dentist more than I! I arrived at the office a few minutes early and was taken right in.  Now, have you ever seen photos [...]

Another (Birth) Day!

Today we celebrated Michelle’s twentieth birthday… just does not seem possible she is that old. Where did the time go? Michelle and Ben designed this day according to Michelle’s wishes.  Michelle’s boyfriend, Jacob, arrived here shortly after 7:30 am, as planned.  Ben made waffles and bacon for breakfast.  After breakfast, the kids watched television for [...]

I Know….

It has been another long spell since my last blog entry.  I have been searching for a specific theme for my blog that would help with my photos…more of a photography blog.  I tried one theme yesterday and became frustrated, trying to figure out how to insert my photos.  I finally gave up! When I [...]