Saying Good Bye

Yesterday was an emotional day saying our good byes to my Aunt Lena.  The good news is that hers was a life well lived. As Carly and I talked about my dad’s side of the family, we were amazed.  All of my dad’s siblings that have passed away have lived long lives.  Some of the [...]

In Memory

of my Aunt Lena, my father’s sister who passed away in the early hours yesterday morning. This photo was taken October 12, 2008, at the 60th anniversary party of my mother and father. Please pray for my cousins, Lori and Scott (Lena’s children) .  Scott is in Afghanistan as is one of Lori’s sons.  


The Luna Moth hung around the house for quite awhile…..I spotted it hanging on the railing on the back deck.  I am so fascinated by this moth as it really stands out with its bright green coloration and large kitelike body.  I took a few photos, trying to find a good angle, but then it [...]

A most unexpected visit!

I have posted a photo of the large bright green moth that is called Luna Moth.  That moth is so amazing and it really is pretty!  Last night, however, Luna startled me so much, even though I don’t startle easily.  I was walking outisde to the garage when I heard such a “whirrrrr” sound!  I [...]

Some of this….and some of that!

My goodness!!! Usually by this time each year, we have taken the camper out for a weekend or two, but not so this year.  We are so busy, it seems we are constantly on the run. The poor little camper is left sitting in its winter parking spot with weeds growing around it!  Help!!! On [...]