From Canandaigua Lake to Seneca Lake

Everyone slept in a little this morning. Well, except for Murphy and me!  I think the cool temperature during the night really helps one rest in a more deep and refreshing sleep. The kids had plans for the day. Michelle and I were going to take the kayaks down to Woodville for a brief paddle.  [...]

TaDa!!! A *New* Feature!

If you look over to the right and perhaps scroll down a tad, you will see little thumbnails of photos.  These are the twelve most recent entries to my photo journal you have seen me write about here.  If you click on one of the photos, it will magically transport you to the journal and [...]

Quite the Collection!

This morning, upon going outside, I stumbled on quite a variety of moths… BeheMOTH…….. This moth’s body had to be at least two inches long! Then there was the weird moth…. The white moth…. And another moth…who was kinda cute…at least compared to the others! Of course, the little Silvery Checkerspot Butterfly that allowed me [...]


Okay, so I did willingly decide to do this little trail today.  Even though the sky was growing ever more dark and foreboding! Michelle had gotten a call from her boyfriend saying that he, his sisters, and his mom were going to hike Grimes Glen today.  Michelle got home and as she got ready to [...]

Ummm…Here, Kitty, Kitty!

Yesterday afternoon, Mark and I decided to take just a little ride out in the country.  We drove along, enjoying the scenery, when Mark had to make a brief stop.  I cannot even remember why he needed to stop, but he pulled into a gas station that was obviously closed.  Of course, whenever the car [...]

Eek! I’m Behind

Again! I’m not really doing too badly, though, as I am sludging through lots of stuff!  Consider the fact that we were not home from morning till evening last Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday….well, we’ve been on the move! Yesterday, I raked leaves out of the ditch alongside the driveway.  Not having any snow last [...]