Now You See Him!

I took this photo through the bedroom window this afternoon, just before whiteout conditions. And then…. NOW YOU DON’T! Wow, he was nearly in the exact same pose, too! I wondered what the little fellow was doing, hanging on for literally an hour or so.  It was only after looking at that first photo that [...]

We Almost had it All!

Hang in there…. The day dawned quite dismal.  No, it definately was *very* dismal.  The grey skies were with us throughout the day although the temperature wasn’t bad at all.  It wasn’t warm, but it certainly wasn’t cold.  The kids had plans.  Jacob (Michelle’s boyfriend)  had a birthday earlier in the week, so the kids [...]

Better in Sepia!

Today was such a beautiful day to enjoy a little ride.  As I passed by this old (at least I think it is old) log house on Route 21, just north of the Town of South Bristol, I thought today would be a great day to photograph it.  The original photo was in color, but [...]