Just call me a double-fisted photographer….

That is a kind way of saying I carry TWO cameras and drive the family absolutely crazy.  I am constantly looking at life as though through the lens.  I cannot help but try to compose life into a continuous series of photos.  Sounds pretty sad, eh?  Ah well, it is a relatively harmless “addiction”.  I [...]

Egg on my face….or, the great value of the blog

Yesterday, I went to all the trouble to show pictures of Murphy’s FIFTH birthday party.  WRONG. Murphy is SIX! Yes, for those of us who carry weight on our shoulders, keeping our minds racing twenty-four/seven, (guess that describes about all of us who are over age thirty?) blogging daily (or with frequency) helps keep facts straight! [...]

Murphy is five!

Hard to believe our younger pup, Murphy, just turned five yesterday! We got him at five months of age, and it hardly seems that long ago. Our Scottie parties are not as elaborate as they once were, but we do try to celebrate!  After all, life without celebrations gets pretty hum-drum! It is fun getting [...]