How about a potpourri of pictures?

Talk about potpourri! These photos make no sense at all…they look as though they are just thrown together, but I will explain! The first two were taken in Penn Yan. This old truck was in a parking lot with a few other old cars and trucks.  It is “so” old, the tires are mounted on [...]

Apple Stuffed Chicken Breasts

In looking around on the web for a new chicken dish,  I came across a recipe for stffed chicken breasts.  WHY have I not made these before?  Oh my goodness! They are so easy to make and everyone ranted and raved about how deliecious they tasted.  Mark said they taste a lot like a Thanksgiving turkey [...]

What? Are the ducks complaining…

about the rain? Hmmm…Well, I think they might have actually been enjoying it this evening. We had some banking to do in Canandaigua, so when the kids said they wanted to meet some of their friends there, Mark said sure.  We were off and on our way.  I guess it didn’t matter when the rain [...]

The mighty Calendula!

A  few years ago,  I bought some packets of seeds for Calendula, or Pot Marigolds.  I never ended up planing them, but gave some seeds to my dad.  He planted them and WOW!  The plants not only grew prolifically, but they multiplied. And multiplied. And multiplied! The last time we visited with my parents,  I [...]