Yesterday and Today

Yesterday was really Monday, but that wasn’t so far off.  Really.  Anyway,  on Monday afternoon,  I had to run an errand, so before coming back home,  I decided to see what was happening down in Woodville. I happened to catch a couple with a youngster heading out in a boat.  The young person was so [...]

Painted Lady

Last Thursday as Mark and I waited for the kids at school, we pulled into a lot at the north end of Canandaigua Lake. I was happy to see the Canandaigua Lady was back in the water, removed from the state marina parking lot where she had been dry-docked for the winter for a makeover. [...]


Yesterday, I transplanted a dozen little tomato seedlings I had planted only a little more than a week before. With the cold temperatures we have had lately, the stove has been keeping stoked. The warmth in the living room sprouted the seeds in record time…the packet said 7-10 days, but my plants appeared in 4 [...]


I had a little problem with my computer. The Dell laptop I use was the problem, really.  I had accidentally caught  my sleeve on the Alt key and it pulled up in the air. I had removed keys from keyboards before to clean them, but this Dell key was pretty tricky.  I showed Mark and [...]

Happy April!

Yesterday, I spent the day running in circles…actually, I was running in and out of the house.  I was cleaning house on the inside while evaporating more sap on the outside!  I had enough sap to produce two more pints…I am now up to ten pints…one gallon and one quart!  AND…the sap keeps on coming! [...]