How I (Mis) Spent My Day

Yikes!  This morning, as everyone was hustling to get ready for school,  Mark said he was just too pooped to take the kids to Canandaigua….would I mind going?   Argh.  The house was a disaster and, well, yeah sure.  We were off and running a little after seven.  As I drove along the roads,  the frustration [...]

Random Stuff

Tis morning as I was hopping back and forth between house and garage for firewood, I saw a leaf “embedded” in the snow.  The leaf had apparently landed on top of the snow and when the sun came out to shine on the leaf,  it began to “sink” into the snow! The leaf was sunken [...]


Okay, so I am not one to complain about cold weather, snow, and the like. However….we are coming up on the tail end of March and it is freezing!  It seems like everyone is commenting on how cold it is!  Usually, by this time of the year, we are beginning to feel a bit of [...]

Hello Again, Winter?

Well, we all heard what was forecast.  The weatherman said “several inches” of the white stuff. Did we believe him?  Well, yeah, kinda.  No one wanted any more snow after dealing with it throughout the past few months.  We had no snow on the ground for quite a few days, so we were becoming used to [...]