Mark’s New Love…

Ain’t me! hahaha As I was reading on Facebook this afternoon, a friend of mine posted that she was making up a batch of Buffalo Chicken Wing Soup.  My curiosity piqued!  Our family loves Buffalo Chicken Wings. We have even traveled to Buffalo to buy authentic wings.  With about 10 grams of fat per wing, [...]

Wonderful Wintry Canandaigua

The kids began classes at Finger Lakes Community College today.  Michelle is going to complete her final semester and Ben is taking another class.  It is hard to imagine Michelle finishing her second year this spring….where has the time gone? Mark and I decided to spend the day in Canandaigua and I was pretty excited about [...]

Yesterday’s Cold is but a Memory

Yesterday morning, when I took the Scotties outside, one of the first things I noticed was that it was cold.  Not “just” cold, but more like bone-chilling cold!  The Scotties and I were out before daybreak. When the light of day began to unfold a new day, the temperature dropped even further! Since the cold [...]

Creative Ventures

My kids have been doing the most creative and awesome things lately! Michelle asked us for a Babycakes cupcake maker for Christmas, but I just could not do it.  Instead, I looked and looked around until I found a nice Wilton cake decorating set.  I thought Michelle might get more use from the set than [...]