Looking Back

That title might be just a little misleading, but as I thought about Michelle’s tour of Geneseo College on Monday, I couldn’t help but reflect a bit…. We began our homeschooling saga with Michelle when she was age four.  With her birthday being late in the year, (November) we could have opted to begin her [...]

Thanks Aldi!

I remember when Aldi moved into Canandaigua with their new store.  The store supposedly is a success in Germany and the concept of selling groceries (many not familiar name brand) and having customers box or bag them themselves isn’t a new idea.  Those of us with memberships to the big warehouse clubs have found we [...]

Autumn Continues

The word “autumn” seems to conjure up warm sentiments and memories in my mind.  I think of things like hot cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven,  a steamy cup of tea,  warm colors like gold, orange, cranberry,  brown…all the colors typically associated with Thanksgiving.  And what a warm and cozy holiday Thanksgiving is!  Our weather [...]

and Rochester Night

For her birthday, Ben bought Michelle a ticket to see a Christian band called Underoath.  Michelle was beside herself, thrilled with the opportunity to see this band.  (Ben also bought himself a ticket) After picking Michelle and Ben up at school last night,  we headed right to Rochester to take the kids to the concert.  [...]

Another Celebration Day

Yesterday morning when I took the Scottie boys out, it looked as though it had snowed, but it was actually a heavy-duty frost! It made everything look so pretty… We couldn’t spend the morning dawdling, though, as we had made plans to meet my parents at Sprague’s Restaurant to celebrate Michelle’s birthday with them.  We [...]

Sparky at WalMart

Meet Sparky. Mark and I had to make a trip to WalMart this afternoon while Ben was attending a (mandatory for young people under the age of 16)  snowmobile safety course.  While looking over the goodies sold in the automotive department,  I kept hearing this very strange voice.  At first, I was sure Santa was [...]