If This Doesn’t Make You Smile….

what will? I thought this pair of pumpkins had been artfully carved, but after photographing them, I realized they are not the genuine article after all! Aw well, they are cute anyway! In yesterday’s entry, I alluded to the fact that the skies were changing even as I was out on my litle photo-taking adventure.  [...]

From Beautiful to Blustery!

Yesterday morning,  I dropped Michelle off at college, then decided to grab a little snack before doing some serious grocery shopping. Um…yeah…I was going to showmy readers my tasty pumpkin donut, but unfortunately, it was calling my name and I actually ate it as I was driving!  Oops!  Thus, the bag in the back was [...]

Moody Moon!

When we were driving home the other night,  Mark and Ben were making comments on how cool the moon looked in the sky with clouds passing by it.  I was thrilled tonight when I wandered outside and saw a similar sight.  My little Panasonic camera does a pretty decent job with such shots…. The moon [...]

Let the Snow Fly!

Today, we basically ran all over creation…this part, at least! Mark had called a fellow who had listed a small snowmobile on Craig’s List.  Mark, out of the blue,  asked said fellow if he might just happen to have any other sleds available for sale.  It just so happened this guy had a “two-up” sled…this [...]

Regarding Comments

I was made aware that making comments on my blog was confusing.  Sorry about that! (Although I need to delete so many SPAM comments each and every day!)  If you would like to leave a comment on my blog, all you need to do is to click directly on the title of the post. (I [...]