Summer Hasn’t Given Up…..Yet!

Today’s temperatures were so mild!  Even when I took the Scotties out this morning before six,  there was a warmth to the air that was very comfortable.  While the morning began with drizzle and dark skies,  it brightened up mid-morning and turned out to be a partly sunny breezy day.  A lovely day for some [...]

Spud Finds a Home!

While driving home from Buffalo on Monday evening,  Mark spotted little Spud lying alongside the busy highway.  Mark had pulled over to look at some trailers at a store and happened to see the lonely little fellow resting next to the roadway.  The best Mark could figure, when the truck he was in came down [...]

Since it Looks Like I Am Only Writing to Myself…

I will share something that happened yesterday that is too funny! I have said on this blog before that I love technology.  Yeah, I know.  Crazy, isn’t it?  I admit, though, that I  do enjoy reading about what friends are doing on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs.  I like reading email in between working around the house.  [...]


Hmm…. In thinking back, a few years ago, we got a call from a neighbor about half a mile up the road.  They had seen a bear walking on their property and it ws headed in our direction.  They were calling to make sure wedidn’t have our Scotties outside. Our neighbor immediately up the hill [...]