What Turkeys!!!

We are currently camping amongst a forest of beautiful pine trees! It is so serene….so beautiful…and the scent of the pines is refreshing! It would be nice if the internet offered “smellavision”, but I think pine trees can be found in nearly every area of the world… Everyone got up early this morning and we [...]

Off and Running….

with a minor temporary upset. (Which I shall address later!) We all got up up and began to prepare for another adventure yesterday morning.  We decided another jaunt toward the Adirondacks would be fun as it has been four years since last we were  there. Since we were heading east, we would stop at the [...]

Just in Case…

you might be wondering where I have been these last few days…. It has been FAR too hectic here.  Seems like one thing after the other!  I began painting the porch but we have been having some major rain here that, well, would literally wash the paint right off! I think we have had about [...]