Erin’s Birthday Adventure!

On Saturday, we were off on quite the adventure.  Erin’s birthday is on this Wednesday, but she will be attending a hockey camp, so we celebrated a little early.  We met Carlyand Jeff, along with their kids (Kyle, Sarah, and Erin) and Jeff’s parents, Madeline and Cy, at Corning Glass down in Corning, New York.  [...]

Getting a Bit Ahead of Myself!

I was going to post about yesterday, as we celebrated Erin’s birthday, but am switching gears to advance to today.  I am hoping Carly and her mother-in-law, Madeline, are able to see this soon.  The reason I wanted them to see it is because when they left our home last night,  they were redirected by [...]

Kitchen Adventure!

After our totally awesome experience eating at Aladdin’s the other day,  I have been thinking about goodies to make at home.  I get tired of making the same old stuff all the time, but ruts get rather comfortable sometimes! I had placed some chicken and veggies in some Teriyaki sauce that I  I wanted to make into [...]

After our Adventure…

Okay, after the last post, I promise this one will be short!  Mark and I were clueless about what folks do when their kids are busy!  (Okay, so that is a slight exaggeration, as we had an agenda that included running to Henrietta for a quick trip to Sam’s Club.)  Mark decided to take the [...]