Last Night

I was so tired last night, I just was too whipped to grab a card reader for my SD card.  Seems the card reader on my laptop  just quit working on me, so I now need an external reader. I did have a couple of photos to show…you do know that I **always** have a [...]

A Much Better Day

Well, you didn’t think I would keep on complaining now, did you? This morning’s dental appointment wasn’t all terrific news.  I had another x-ray done of the tooth that had a pocket and has been giving me trouble.  This was the third x-ray of that tooth in four visits.  The dentist studied all the x-rays, [...]

Whining….yet again

For pity’s sake.  It is almost 9:20 pm and the temperature is still at 79 degrees.  (26 degrees, Celsius)  Okay. I will not whine about that, but I will give you two good reasons to feel sorry for me: 1. My tooth that supposedly had a “pocket” is still a tad sore.  I was given oral [...]

The End of a Busy Weekend

Well, after my previous post regarding my colorful flowers,  I guess the color theme for yesterday would have been the awesome blue skies!  The weather forecast for the entire weekend called for the possibility (quite high, actually) of rain falling.  However, the amount of rain that fell was tiny! The kids had friends over on [...]

Color and More Color!

I know that every year I photograph the pretty flowers as they come into bloom here in the Bristolwood, but this year?  I am not sure why, but the colors of plants and flowers seem even more outstanding than I ever remember them.  I was discussing this last weekend with a Mennonite lady selling flowers [...]

I HATE Mosquitoes!

Can I say that any more forcefully?  I don’t think so. Those rotten little bugs just adore me, sucking the blood right out of me. The last tidbit of information I read the other day suggested the buggers like people with high carbohydrate diets.  Well, since I am *not* a huge carb eater,  I have [...]