Amazing April Weather

 If you saw this photo on my Facebook page this morning, I apologize, but I really like the way this turned out. (and, with the u-g-l-y!!! weather we experienced today, well, it was a *bright* spot in a very dismal day!) Yeah, that is real snow on the tulip!  We drove Michelle to school today [...]

Woodland Springtime

Yesterday afternoon, Ben spent some time cutting firewood.  We had several very large oak trees fall during this past winter.  These trees have no bark on them and they are terrific for firewood, as they had been dead standing on the stump.  Once split and stacked, this wood will be great for next winter’s supply! [...]

The Colors of Spring

This year, it seems like the flowers are bigger, brighter, and just downright more splendid than ever before!  When we were at Allegany State Park, we spoke to a park employee who told us she doesn’t ever remember cutting her grass so early as she has  done this year.  The following pictures were on my [...]