More Weathervanes and More

Yesterday morning, Michelle and  I were off early to Canandaigua.  We had some wet, sloppy snow during the night, so we left a bit early,  but the roads were in fine condition. After dropping Michelle at school, I went shopping for a few groceries.  As I left WalMart,  I drove through the old WalMart plaza [...]

Nothing in Particular!

This morning, Michelle and I went to pick Ben up in Middlesex. As is my custom, I carried the camera bag to the Explorer with me. As we drove along, the sun began to shine.  This made me realize that this morning,  I actually heard birds singing!  They weren’t merely “chirping” to communicate….they were singing! [...]

Out for the Day…

Yesterday was another one of those days….busy, busy, busy! The kids had to be at the YMCA by eleven, as Michelle had reserved a racquetball court for two hours.  She is taking racquetball at school this semester, as there wasn’t another level of fencing offered.  We dropped Michelle and Ben off and we had to [...]