I just never will understand this family of mine. Mark’s dad was born in the USA to Italian immigrants. Mark often talks about the delicious foods his grandmother prepared every year for Christmas and other special events.  He fondly recalls her cheese pie and all the tasty Italian dishes she made. Being a “Heinz 57″ [...]

Total Nonsense!

After my serious post last night, I figured I would show you the nonsense I pull with my camera from sheer boredom! (did I say that???) The Christmas wreath still hangs on the front of the garage, but if you have read here during previous Christmas seasons,  you will know that it is very difficult [...]

Evening Fun

Just for the sheer fun of it,  I sometimes go outside with camera in hand and shoot at the sky to see how steady (or otherwise!) my hand is.  Yes,  I actually turn the flash off and press the camera as tightly as I can to my face and exhale…..then, snap! Here are some photos [...]

I Have Wanted….

to do this for a long time. I forgot, though, how *cold* it is here…. looking across the way to a foreign land. Wow…I cannot imagine riding on a ferris wheel in twmperatures below freezing!  Of course,  I cannot imagine riding a ferris wheel.  I just don’t care for them! The falls would have been [...]

A Clue….

It is nearly 10:30 and we still have a ways to go before we reach home for the night.  And the worst part is I took my contacts out and forgot to bring a pair of glasses. So, if this is full of errors, don’t blame me! Here is a clue as to where our [...]