Yes, it IS Cold Outside

I was awakened this morning at about 4 to the sound of wind gusts slamming the side of the house.  From the sound of the blows,  I was expecting the house to leave its foundation and float off eastward.  We have had hefty winds here before, but this one really took the cake! I did [...]

My, oh my, What a Wonderful Start to the Day!

After hearing rain pounding on the rooftop the past couple of nights,  it was refreshing to awaken to a less damp start to the day! Yes, I generally grumble too much because of our lack of snow, but this morning,  the temperature had dropped after the deluge of rain and the results were quite pretty! [...]

Merry Christmas!

Better late than never, rght? We celebrated this morning and opened gifts around the Christmas tree.  I think everyone was pleased with the goodies they received.  We all puttered around until the afternoon when Mark decided we would have a non-traditional dinner of takeout Chinese! I was right there with him on this one as [...]

and to All, a Good Night….

Okay, so this might not exactly be a self-explanatory photo…. When we arrived home from our shopping trip,  Angus was thrilled to be home with his family.  His little doggie bed somehow wound up in the laundry basket.  Well,  although that basket stands a good twice his height, Angus thinks nothing of making like an [...]

A Look at Canandaigua on Christmas Eve

Mark and I went out to do some last minute shopping in Canandaigua late this afternoon.  As we drove into town, Mark inquired what I wanted to do first.  Why, head down to the City Pier, of course!  After all, I had some cracked corn to feed my web-footed friends.  As soon as we stopped [...]

Jesus is STILL the Reason for the Season!

Have you noticed everywhere you go, people are wishing everyone “Happy Holidays!” instead of Merry Christmas?  Yeah, I know….don’t get your knickers in a knot…right?  It is just that it seems with every year that passes, Jesus is becoming less and less the center of the celebration. I guess the name of Christ is just so [...]

Meet Baby

Thia morning,  I wandered into Michelle’s room as she was on her laptop. I sat down on her bed and my eyes lit upon Baby.  I picked her up and looked at her, amazed at her rather fine condition, considering!  Michelle an I began laughing as we recounted many memories of Baby! Michelle was born [...]