Yay, we Survived!

After going to bed at about 11pm last night,  I was up and awakening the family  at 3:30 this morning.  I must admit it was a little rough getting myself going on so few hours of sleep,  but the stores were opening early at the mall, beginning at 4 am.  I actually overslept,  as we [...]

A Brief Ride through Amish/ Mennonite Country

This afternoon, while Michelle attended her fencing class,  Mark, Ben, and I rode into Amish/ Mennonite country, located only a few short miles from the college.  In total honesty,  entering this area is almost like traveling to a foreign country.  Here one can see hard-working people who are obviously richly-blessed of God! I shan’t waste [...]

Evening Reflections from the Pier

This morning when I drove Michelle to school,   I was awestruck by the magnificent  golden sunshine flowing down to earth…it was cold enough for frost,  but the skies were brilliant blue…. The day continued on as it started with clear skies and an orb that sent rays of gold,  even though the temperature stayed chilly.  [...]