A Wee Jaunt on Main Street

Yesterday afternoon,  I walked for just a few minutes along Main Street in Canandaigua.   Main Street wanders northward from Canandaigua Lake at its southern end, slowly rising upward as one progresses to the north.  The “city” proper,  lines Main Street with many businesses…very unusual these days,  as it seems malls have more or less squelched Main Street, USA. [...]

I Was Thinking….

that my lovely little Scottie weathervane looked more like a whirly-gig yesterday and today than a weathervane!  That poor little Scottie on top must have felt so dizzy spinning about like a dreidel! So, after a little bit of time without any rain this afternoon,  I decided to go wander around Canandaigua.  The foreboding skies [...]


Yes!!! I have (finally!) conquered the sweater!  I had almost finished it Friday, but needed to buy buttons.  Buttons are one of those tiny little details that often throw me over the edge….The last time I bought buttons like these, I wasn’t paying close attention and when I got home, I realized they were PLASTIC!  [...]