Wild Skies and Inciting a Riot

I am sorry to be posting this so late, but today was (yet another) busy day! Late yesterday morning, (Sunday) Michelle was asked to come to Cindy’s (our friend the piemaker) house to mind the “store”.  While Michelle was there,  I decided to wander around Naples a little and take some pictures. The first one [...]

Yesterday, the Blur!

Yesterday was a day filled with *wild* running about! The morning began with Mark and Michelle working diligently on the back of the truck. Actually, it wasn’t technically “the truck”… The cap on the back of the truck has a lock on it,  but while we were at Kingdom Bound, I realized that the lock [...]

The Knitwit

Excuse the orange-ish cast to the photo, but the flash diminished the detail on my cables!  (you certainly do want to see all the fancy stuff I am doing, right?) I have been wanting to start knitting again for some time now…I was thinking about making something smaller like a pair of socks….but I *really* need [...]

Horsing Around….

Yesterday at the Windmill, after speaking to some of the Civil War reenactment people,  I spotted a beautiful Amish horse and buggy tied to a tree.  Curiosity got the best of me and I went over to take some pictures.  The horse was in the shade of a pine canopy with a bag of feed [...]

Major *Oops*

In the previous post, I mistakenly called the birds “cranes”!  This morning,  I thought I had better have a look at my Audubon bird book…. Well, I think the birds are actually Great Egrets. This is a lesson that I now not only need to carry my camera bag, but also a pair of binoculars.  [...]