Murphy the Sweet…

As far as the two Scotties go, Murphy would definitely be the “sweet” one!  Angus is more of a hunter/gatherer personality, whereas Murphy just reclines and waits for the next treat or meal to be served.  Murphy has no worries in this world because his family loves him and always comes through in the provisions [...]

Mounting up on Wings as Eagles

isn’t always so easy! This morning,  I asked Ben to head down to Woodville with me.   I wanted to see if the Eagle(s) might be sitting in “the tree” where it/they are often seen.  Ben loaded the little kayaks into the back of the Explorer, along with the life vests.  I gathered my things together.  [...]

Scotch Artwork

no,  I haven’t taken to buying liquor with which to do artwork. this was supposed to be added to the previous “Nothing in Particular” entry. but, since it was taken with the Panasonic camera…. whereas the others were taken with the Nikon… well, you get it. I plumb forgot! Every time it rains, I always [...]

More on the Finger Lakes Trip

When I posted about Mark’s and my little adventure last night,  I was so tired, it was hard to keep my poor eyes from crossing!  So…lucky you….I will give a bit of a more in-depth look at our little travels. After dropping the kids off in Penn Yan, we headed out of the village and [...]

Amazing Finger Lakes!

Today the kids went to Penn Yan to celebrate their friend’s birthday, although Jonathan’s birthday was actually in April!  He wanted to wait until his cousin from Canada was able to come,  so the party was today.  We dropped the kids at the house, then decided to take a little excursion…as we drove along,  we [...]