More American Flags

Last Tuesday when I posted an entry showing American flags blowing about in the breeze,  I was asked if there was a particular reason the flags were being flown.  I’m not sure if it is the same in other countries, but here in the US of A,  it seems like there are always flags to [...]

RIP Billy Mays and Like Father, Like Son

The kids are having their friends over late this afternoon for some fun in the pool (probably hot tub as well) and dinner.  Michelle had thought about hotdogs for dinner, but  we talked about it and decided upon grilled chicken,  potato salad,  rolls, and chocolate cake for dessert. No problem with the potato salad.  I [...]

Our Lady of Victory Basilica

As Mark and I pulled into the botanical gardens,  my eye caught sight of a most spectacular church… I toured the gardens, thinking whenI was done, I really needed to check out the church;  I had been to the gardens more than once or twice, but somehow, I missed this! The funniest part was that [...]

Lovely, Lush, and so Inviting!

As promised yesterday,  I am showing you (scads!) of photos from the Fern House and Tropical Rainforest.  Too bad I began my self-tour there, as it was the most comfortable and pleasant part of my journey through the glass houses.  It was in this area I also met a volunteer….a delightful man….who pointed out various [...]

Furling Flags and Thoughts

 Yesterday morning,  I wandered down to the dentist’s office for my official crowning.  It didn’t happen.  Unfortunately for me,  I possess “very colorful” teeth.  I have striations of differing colors running through like little veins of color.  So, the crown was too dark and just not colored right.  Not to fear though, as my last [...]

Signs of the Times….

Chris in Scotland got me to thinking about the fear of a pandemic outbreak of swine flu. Her mention of the bottles of sanitizing hand cleaner in church made me smile.  She also spoke of a rather “safe” form of communion taking place in the church. While we were in Niagara Falls the other day, we stopped [...]