Tomorrow…..I’m NOT Getting Up!

Today was one of the oddest days I have ever encountered.  After getting a call from a friend this morning, we ended up taking her to the emergency room this afternoon, where she was examined and released.  She was having an allergic reaction to a medication and was concerned.  After the examination, she was feeling [...]

So, How is Your Day Going?

Well, we are getting ready to have several teens over later this afternoon.  I know I already made one entry to my blog today, but when I took this photo of the sunlight playing on the Fuchsia plant hanging on the front porch, my contacts nearly popped out of my eyes!  Yes, it IS the [...]

Haul Out the Thermals!

My mind is totally baffled!  How could we have been out on the lake, enjoyng the sunshine and floating about in our kayaks yesterday and shivering in our shoes today?  Well, it isn’t snowing, but it sure is chilly! We did have a little sun this morning.  I was out mowing the lawn as it [...]

Just for Ian

Since Ian in Oz was so sweet as to leave a very kind comment in my last post, I decided to do this entry even though it might risk taking wings and disappearing into Cyberspace! So, with very few words, here are some photos from yesterday. These were taken at my mother-in-law’s neighbors’ home. They [...]