I Ain’t no Popeye!

No way. Popeye,  I am not. Today, after feeding the Scotties and taking them outside,  I realized I had many more muscles in my body than I knew! AND, every single one of them was ACHING!!!! Oh my goodness! I worked a little around the house this morning, then headed upstairs to soak for a [...]


(splat!) Excuse me whilst I clean up the rotten tomato lobbed my way….Ah yes, the sun-worshipping folks must have been cheering loudly today as the temperatures soared!  Me…well, suffice it to say that my mood was (much) less than cheerful today.  Imagine yourself sitting in a sauna and your body glows with heat, but you [...]

Photos From this Weekend

Be forewarned that the following photos are quite random! Actually, if you followed along with me yesterday when I took a ride to Woodville, these photos would make perfect sense!  I decided to take the time to photograph things that caught my eye along the way. So, here we go…. This boat was parked alongside [...]

Sometimes Life is Just So Good!

Today didn’t start out so well!  Well, that is, unless one is content awakening to slushy snow all over the place…..it is Spring, after all! It was so cold outside, and the house cooled down a lot inside as well.  Feeling chilled to the bone,  I made a small fire in the woodstove.  This is [...]