More Photos from the Pier

As I was digging about in the chest freezer in the basement a couple of days ago,  I came across three turkey breasts we had bought right after Christmas when they were being clearanced.  They were such a good value and the family loves a good turkey dinner anytime….not just Thanksgiving! I placed a turkey breast [...]

Another Night Out

I have discovered that having two teens in the house makes for much busyness!  Seems like the kids have something up their sleeves much of the time.  So, last night’s agenda was to attend the Teen Skate once again.  The skate would have typically been scheduled for next Saturday night,  but because the Christian radio [...]

“Dog Tired”, Nikon Camera, and Lake Views

So, you might wonder….where was Katya yesterday?  Has she begun a new pattern of posting to her blog every other day?  Well, no, not really! Tuesday night, I was nearly sound asleep. It was shortly before midnight and I was so enjoying the warm and snug feeling of digging into the sheets and closing my eyes.  [...]

I Needed a Smile About Now!

As I was busy working about, I heard the distinct strains of a funny English accent….this, of course, called for further examination.  As I grew closer, I heard (in a not-so-English accent) “Ophelia! Sit still”! Yes, a certain young lady is reading Shakespeare’s Hamlet, and she needed to get “in the mood”. That is poor [...]