Ever since the day that Michelle showed Angus how to hop onto the 5 gallon bucket to check out the squirrels in the side yard,  he has done so numerous times. He enjoys looking out over his “kingdom” after all! Yes, ladies, he *does* indeed have such a manly physique, doesn’t he? Mark came up with [...]


That is a football term, isn’t it?  Okay, just kidding!  Before Mark’s dad passed away, Mark and the kids would travel to his apartment every year for the Super Bowl.  My father-in-law played football in his high school days and he had a deep love for the game.  Mark was never as enthusiastic about the [...]

A Taste of Yesterday’s Music!

The guys played on and on even as the sun set in the west…. Once again, a terrible photo, but I wanted to share the beautiful music they were playing “as they went along”.  It was so nice! [kaltura-widget wid="kgz3cvuvxc" width="410" height="364" addpermission="3" editpermission="3" /]