Tisn’t Easy Being a Computer Dummy!

Okay, so I understand that the Newsboys won’t be everyone’s cup of tea,  but after seeing them in concert, (twice) I guess I am way biased! When I was out on my little grocery run this afternoon,  on the way home, I cranked the radio in my car way LOUD and let this rip…..(I think [...]

How Did I Get Talked Into This?

The Naples Grape Festival is not something I anticipate throughout the year.  No, I really am not into huge crowds, chaos, and craziness!  The festival attracts about 100,000 people every year. That is a huge number for a village of probably less than 2,000! Michelle was expected at work early this morning, so I drove [...]

What is Dreich?

Well, it is a Scottish word, supposedly derived from a Scandinavian tongue. I did find on one site this definition: A combination of dull, overcast, drizzly, cold, misty and miserable weather. At least 4 of the above adjectives must apply before the weather is truly dreich. HA! This morning, we had ALL of those conditions, [...]