Late this morning, as I was walking in the upstairs hallway, I heard a rather mysterious noise.  It was coming from Michelle’s bedroom…. I walked to the doorway and poked my head in…. There, upon Michelle’s unmade bed, I found Murphy rolling and swirling about on her down-filled comforter.   As he gleefully played,  happy as [...]

Lions and Eagles

My blog-friend, Jackie, over in Scotland,  featured a lion on her blog entry for today: This lion reminded me of a pair I had snapped pictures of the other day while picking up a pizza in Naples.   The photo I took while trying to get both together was no good, as the lion on [...]

The Extreme House

 Preface: we lost our electricity about an hour and a half ago as I was working on uploading these photos to my blog! Through modern technology…a cell phone and laptop, I am able to post this entry…..Isn’t modern technology fun? After completing my wood cutting task, we decided to take a little ride to Geneva. [...]