Weird Day, Photo-wise!

The past few days have not been stellar for photography here in the Bristolwood…I have been so busy lately.  We are still getting things cleaned up and put away from our mini-vacation. The bug I had seems to finally be leaving for good….the coughing is beginning to leave….finally! Hurrah! There is nothing more discouraging than [...]

One Last Stop….

was at a place called Onoville Marina. Onoville is a small town located off the Southern Tier Expressway. (now called Route 86) It is located not too far away from the Allegany State Park, as well as Kinzua (pronounced Kin’zoo) Dam.  The Kinzua Dam was constructed from 1960 until completion in 1965. Kinzua Dam was [...]

A Clue!

I have been without internet and cell phone since Sunday.  Did I have severe withdrawal? No.  Can you guess from the photo below what we might have done? I will try to catch up on things….everything has been so busy!  And, I am still coughing from that lousy bug  I had last week.  But feeling [...]

Saturday Snapshots

Nothing extraordinary today….just some shots from around my own yard….. Oh, how I wish I could find the time and energy to plant some Blackberry bushes on the hill behind the pool. The wild ones grow there just fine…the only problem is, there are never ENOUGH! And, while taking the photo of the berries, I [...]

A Bit of Humor….

I just couldn’t resist telling this little story regarding the previous set of photos. (I had forgotten about it until Mark brought up “the incident” last night!) The day I took these photos, I was on my way to pick up a pizza for dinner. I had left late and it takes about 15 minutes [...]

Truly, *Someone* Jests!!!!

This morning, after taking the Scotties out and all, I went into the hot tub. I was hoping that the magic of yesterday would be re-created. Nope.  I got out feeling just as miserable as when I went in!  Yes, I awakened today feeling somewhat worse than yesterday. Yes, I know….I probably overdid it yesterday.  [...]