I Have Visited a Castle!

Well….not “really”…but, close! Those clever French built this impressive building in 1726….the building was made to resemble a “house” so as to pacify the Iroquois Indians. The structure, however, was built to withstand any attack from the natives. It wasn’t actually termed “castle” until the 1800′s. Upon entering the “castle” which was the first structure [...]

Old Fort Niagara

Old Fort Niagara isn’t too distant from Niagara Falls and certainly connects with some of the United States’ earliest history. There is now a great park located at the fort and the area is buzzing with all varieties of activity….. The map below shows exactly why the French, then British, were very interested in obtaining [...]

Lighthouse at Old Fort Niagara

I have been so tired since returning from our outing. It seems like there is a great deal of truth about needing a vacation AFTER a vacation! There are so many little tasks that need attention and although small, they do take some time… I have decided to break my photos into a few entries [...]

Spectacular Scenery

I have about a zillion photos to weed through, from our wonderful little outing, although many of them involve hockey and I don’t imagine those would thrill too many of my readers! This morning, we packed up, hitched up the little home on wheels and left our campground, which was home the past few days. [...]

Greetings From the Shores of Lake Ontario

This is last night’s sunset….very pretty! We are off on an excursion. The Buffalo Sabres are having their training camp….being held at Niagara University.  It is very beautiful here right across from the Canadian border.  We are hold up near where the French and Indian War took place….no wonder the French didn’t win….the cell reception [...]

“D” is for Ducks, Dogs, and “D”lightful!

Our weather lately has been very unpredictable…the forecast calls for scattered showers…but, in reality, it is more like, “flip a coin” to see what weather one will get! This method is just about as accurate as the actual forecast!  Not the weatherman’s fault….there have been little “cells” of weather scattered about on the weather maps! [...]