Might I Suggest?

If you ever find the need/desire/whatever? to shuffle off to Buffalo, you must try a La Nova Pizza. Last night, as we made our way back home, we decided since we were famished  we had not eaten since lunchtime, we would make a special little trip to Williamsville.  Williamsville is north of Buffalo, and if [...]

The Butterfly Conservatory

In my not-so-humble opinion, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, has the most gorgeous gardens to be found in this hemisphere! I cannot imagine many public gardens that can rival the beauty found on the grounds of Ontario parks….they are meticulous and wonderful! Ever since I was a little child, I remember loving paying visits to the [...]

Shuffling off to Buffalo

Yesterday, we ventured far away from the Bristolwood.  One might say that this was an adventure which  originally began several weeks ago, however! Several years ago, Mark was working in Henrietta, a suburb of Rochester. Believe it or not, he drove nearly 50 miles to work each day.  He would sometimes shop in the area [...]

Buttercup, Buttercup!

Oh, I know…buttercups are none too out of the ordinary, nor are they extremely wonderful….but I really do love the first photo I took. I took it from the backside of the flower and was rather impressed by its appearance! Tis late….nearly midnight….and we have just arrived home from out of the country! Intriguing, isn’t [...]

Nightime Illumination

My previous entry really made me stop and think last night. One picture…I “only” took one picture yesterday. That made me feel so sad! How could I only take one picture in an entire day? As I thought about it, that little lightbulb that sits atop each of our heads went off above mine! I [...]

Great Scot(tie~)

When I walked to the door this afternoon, Murphy followed right behind me as he often does.  I tried to explain I was only going to be cleaning the camper up on the inside a bit….not a very fun thing to do! Still, he insisted he wanted to accompany me. We walked down to the [...]