Exploring in the Hills

On Sunday, I needed to run down to the village of Naples to grab some produce…there is a small roadside business that sells flowers for the garden, baked goods, and fresh produce. I love their produce as it is fresh and the prices are very moderate compared to the grocery store. As I wandered down [...]

Surprises in the Garden!

Yesterday  was yet another busy day, as we needed to pick Ben up in Penn Yan from the party he attended.  The kids asked if they could “hang out” together for a while before they went home, so Mark decided he would stay home with the Scotties. Michelle asked two girls if they would like [...]

A Most Unusual Photo…

I meant to post this photo today, but it was pre-empted by the rather strange news story I heard below….(I think I have finally sorted this out; IE, since “you are what you eat”, I guess it would make sense your “baby is what you eat”…..Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!) I took this photo late in the afternoon yesterday. [...]

Today’s Theme is Yellow!

Since my friend, Terri,  over near Syracuse, coerced all of my Goldfinches to come to her house….hehehe….I went out and bought a special “sock” filled with Niger Seed to attract Goldfinches. Well, well,well….suddenly, I have a pair of Goldfinches showing up! Are they attracted to the special food? Not! Instead, they pop into the feeder [...]

Did I Really Hear This?

This morning, as I was working at the computer for a few minutes,  I heard  a news story on the radio that I must admit….I think I must be hearing things! I went to Google news, perused through the stories under “health”, and there it was, in living black and white! It seems the British have [...]