It’s Better than Ice!

The forecast last night seemed rather “sketchy” at best.  To our north, we were told there would be little accumulation from the impending storm.  To our south, there could be some sizable accumulation.  We, however, were in-between. Mark and I were glued to the television lat night, as the Sabres fought with all within them [...]

Spring Fever

Late yesterday afternoon, I drove to Canandaigua to mail a box and some letters that were somewhat urgent. I had a small item to return to WalMart, and then the kids wanted me to stop and get them some dinner. I wasn’t in Canandaigua very long, but I did stop by the lake to see [...]


This afternoon, once far away from Mark and the kids,  I called Carly to tell her about the strange experience I had this morning. I just had to tell someone, and since Carly knows me best, I figured she would get a kick out of my misfortune…. Carly answered her cell phone and sounded quite [...]