Oodles of Noodles!

I’m not sure if I mentioned here, or not, that the kids have begun a tradition of having a small group of “local” friends over about once every month.  They come mid-afternoon and stay until about 9 pm. The group is comprised of about 7 kids, including ours. Last night, we were discussing the meal [...]

The Eyes Have It!

I have been wearing contacts now for a few weeks, and I cannot even begin to convey how thrilling it is! I actually look forward to getting up and putting them in each morning. The first lenses the doctor gave me weren’t that close to the prescription that I now have.  When  I went in [...]

The Key Word Here is….

Weather! It would seem in the past two or three years, our weather pattern has shifted to the point that we receive the bulk of our cold and snowy weather in February and March, rather than in November, December, and January.  This trend is a bit disconcerting for those winter-weary folks who anxiously anticipate the [...]

This is Kind of Exciting!

For several years, when Mark and I drove northward on route 64, we passed a largish garage-looking building that had pickup trucks parked there with the name “Radiantmax” on the sides. We always wondered what it was all about. As time progressed, it seemed like this business was growing larger and larger, judging from the [...]

A Splendid Winter’s Day

The past few days, we have had some bone-chillin’ days that were best spent indoors.  Yesterday, we got a couple of inches of snow, but today, the sun came out and we had the most sparkling blue skies…nearly sapphire at some points. I had planned to visit at the home of our friends today and [...]