Frustration Abounds

My little laptop is still not feeling very welll…yesterday, while Mark was diagnosing, the naughty little thing refused to act up. Instead, connectivity was miraculously restored…Yes, you know….just like when you take your vehicle to the dealership for a malady, and as the technician stands there patiently listening to your description, hood up in the [...]

A Quick Little Note

I am posting this from my cell as my laptop lost its networking ability yesterday. (gasp, choke, gag!!!) Dr Mark will take a look at it a little later…amazing how lost I feel without my little laptop! I will never forget when our Sony Vaio was *sick* a few years ago…I went out to Mark’s [...]


Today has been a real chiller, weatherwise! The temperature never climbed very much and the winds were quite brisk! This morning, while Mark was in the shower, I decided to sit in the rocking chair in the living room where the fire in the woodstove was so warm and inviting!  The chair is located near the [...]

A Quiet and Peaceful Day!

Today was a pretty chilly day here in the Bristolwood.  We settled on staying inside and working on paperwork and office-type work. One of the first things I do each morning is feed the birds. This morning,  they must have been terribly hungry, as they flew right near me as I placed the seeds in [...]

Way to Go, Sabres!

After losing several games in a row, the Buffalo Sabres Hockey team really pulled through tonight, winning over the Atlanta Thrashers 10-1. Although I am generally a relatively calm person, tonight, I was raising my voice and screaming at the television! This game was just so very exciting. In the first five minutes, the Sabres [...]