A Lesson From the Mighty Acorn

As I was photographing the ice formations along the water courses on our property the other day, Ben called my attention to several acorns that had fallen into the ditches. It seems they took root there. As I gazed down at these little storehouses of food that become one of the mightiest of trees, I [...]

The New Toys!

For the past two years, Mark and I have pondered, mulled, and just outright dreamed about buying another ATV. (or two) Because of disability, we are able to gain access to state lands that others can enjoy by foot. There are special areas designated for disabled people, and they can ride an ATV and be [...]

Photo Hunters: Messy

When I saw this week’s theme, I knew exactly what is the messiest job we do every year! Cuttting and splitting firewood makes a terrible mess, but I love the warmth from our woodstove *so* much! This photo “only” shows the mess by the woodsplitter. When we are done, there are inches of bark and [...]

Happy Boxing Day!

To all of my British and British Commonwealth friends! I did have to take a look at Wikipedia to see what Boxing Day *really* is about, as we Americans have heard some rather strange explanations! We are off to a frosty start here in the Bristolwood. My Explorer is encrusted in a “shell” of ice. [...]

Ugly Winter Weather!

Having grown up with Christmas songs extolling sleigh rides, white Christmases, and winter wonderlands, is it any wonder I feel a bit cheated? Cheated, you ask? Didn’t the Bristolwood have a glorious shroud of white enveloping all the terrain? The simple answer is, yes. However, (oh, I STILL dislike the “however’s”!) somehow, the weather became [...]