Photo Hunters…Dirty

Dirty? Did someone say “dirty”? Of course we aren’t dirty!  We are “comfortable”! ps, If you have a moment to click to enlarge this, it is rather humorous, as the beady-eyed pig on the left really DOES look as though it is speaking…..                                    


Ah, yes…the quiet this morning is so wonderful! Mark and the kids stayed up late last night, watching a movie.  So, earlier this morning, I enjoyed a cup of tea and a piece of toast out on the front porch. The only sounds were those of birds in the trees. The temperature, although a “tad” [...]

While Out and About…

This evening, I took Michelle to Canandaigua; the community Bible study she participated in last year had a sign-up for this year and she wanted to go. As we pulled into the church parking lot, we were greeted by many, many Canada Geese grazing on the acres of  lawn. The noise was overpowering, and they [...]

Unexpected Kindness!

Last Friday,  I entered a post on my blog about 4 Amish ladies showing up at our home quite unexpectedly.  I really enjoyed their visit, and we spoke about many things. This afternoon, I went to the mailbox, and there was a large envelope there with the name of one of the Amish ladies on the [...]

If You Promise NOT to Laugh

I shall tell you the rather humorous circumstance I found myself in this morning. I had spent over an hour yesterday morning vacuuming out the pool.  Being an above ground pool with a plastic liner, it is prone to collecting gritty little particles in the seams and in little divots.  It takes a good deal of [...]

The Unlikely Quartet

Let me preface this by saying that this post will have no accompanying photos. This afternoon, I heard a “slight” knock at the front door. With temperatures romancing the 90′s,  I was not humored as I went to see if it was Ben teasing me. As I looked out the window on the door, I [...]

Photo Hunters…Happy

                                      The theme “Happy” made me think of lots of things I could have used….pictures of my kids, my husband, my Scotties…. But, as I thought about Happy, I realized that one great sources of happiness in this life is my camera!!! So, I submit a picture of my “toybox”.  Nearly everywhere I go,  my [...]