So Many Mixed Emotions

I took this picture of a flower on my Fushia plant hanging on the front porch. I took it on Wednesday, during a brief downpour, when the sun suddenly poked through the clouds and cast a little “spotlight” on the dripping flower. It was just so beautiful! I had company on Tuesday. A friend came [...]

Well, I Knew it was Coming!

Yup. I have been blogging for almost one year now, and if you have seen my blog, you know that I love putting up pictures as much a writing. Blogger offers 1024 MB of space for photos and I kept seeing my numbers edging closer and closer to that dreaded 1024….Last night, I was informed [...]

Everyday is a Celebration!

This morning, Mark and I were chatting and we both agreed that each day should be lived as though it is a celebration. Not one of us knows the number of our days, so we should live each day in joyous anticipation, celebrating another day of life with those we love! Late this morning (too [...]

Keeping Busy and Little Things!

The first order of the day today was to get rid of the wasp nests that they built under the rails of the swimming pool. Ugh! I am not sure why those wasps are so fond of building there, but it seems like every time I look, there are new nests. I ventured forth this [...]

Ah, Tis Good to be Home!

This was our home away from home…this time, we were parked not in the shade, but more like in a field. Although the shade is great, this area was nice too, as I wasn’t constantly crawling on the floor, cleaning up pine needles, dirt, sand, and whatever else! Late yesterday afternoon, we had to put [...]

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to any fathers that might be reading today! We have been out and about with our camper once again. This time, we went to Darien Lakes Resort and Theme Park. (used to be a 6 Flags park, but was recently sold) Each year, the park has a homeschool week, but we were [...]

Olean, Revisited!

As I was taking pictures of the various squirrels, I couldn’t help but become enamoured by this little city of Olean! Years ago, I met two sisters at church camp who were from Olean. I remember visiting and spending the night at their house. I think I was about 12 when I met them, and [...]