Ahoy, Mateys!

Well, the kids finally made it to the theatre to see the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Yesterday, I spent the better part of the day sewing two pirate shirts. Although I love to sew, I must say, I was getting so very tired of gathering what seemed like yards and yards of fabric! As [...]

Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day is not one of my favorite holidays. Oh, I know, we must honor the memory of those who fought and served our country. For that, I am extremely grateful and I do want to remember. But, eight years ago, on the day before Memorial Day, Mark came into the living room, collapsed on [...]

Meet the Appliances!

So, how can one be so excited about new appliances? Well, considering the fact that neither the old refrigerator, nor stove worked properly, you cannot imagine the ease of my new appliances! One can indeed get excited about opening the freezer door and finding a bin filled with ice cubes! Before I get ahead of [...]

Pretty Columbines!

I took a couple of pictures of Columbines the other day. I love the purple color…they remind me a great deal of the vibrant purple Irises I remember from my childhood. The other plants are ones that I planted many years ago, when we first built the house…. I do have one or two other [...]

Good Morning! (and I do mean *good*!)

Oh, it is so wonderful to feel all better this morning! No more parainfluenza. No more drugs running through my veins, causing me to be a bit “off”. I slept in until nearly 8 this morning, which is totally unheard of for me! All of my life, I have been a (very) early riser! Last [...]

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!

I cannot believe that I feel *so* much better! Hurrah! Although I will continue to take it easy today, I already refilled the hot tub and took some pictures! And speaking of pictures, the night before last, a big pileated woodpecker was “attacking” a stump about 50 feet from my window. I felt so terrible…the [...]

I HATE Being Sick!

Yesterday, I wasn’t feeling quite “right”…as the day progressed, I became downright miserable! By the evening, I was lying in bed with major chills. I was supposed to go to the doctor this morning, but it seemed like an improbability! This morning, I woke up feeling like someone had run me over! YUCK! I decided [...]


This is not amongst my best pictures, but I just had to laugh….Mark had recorded an Advantix commercial *just* for Angus! This morning, Mark called me to come see….Poor little Angus; as soon as the scratching, itchy flea-ridden (hehehe) dogs came on, Angus went into guard mode…. As you can see, even a GIANT scratching [...]