Just Hanging Out With the Scots

What a lazy day today! I have just been taking it easy….still! This is OK, I guess, but sometimes I find myself getting a bit stir crazy! Last week, I was supposed to go in to the dentist for a cleaning. When I “mentioned” this in passing to Carly, she advised me NOT to go! [...]

Vanilla, of Course!

I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to discover that I am not the *only* person who favors the flavor vanilla over chocolate! Lisanne, I have found out, loves vanilla, too! It just seems like so many people call themselves chocoholics, and I never quite understood what all the draw was to that “brown” [...]


Yesterday, I decided to try out the Loreal haircolor kit I bought at WalMart a few weeks ago. I have been feeling so “off”, I just didn’t want to take the time to use it before this! So, after doing the base color, highlights are kind of “painted” on. I have NEVER done anything like [...]

The Results are In!

The doctor called our house early this afternoon to tell me that the bloodwork results were now in and they were (as she put it) “picture perfect”. She told me she could not have asked for better numbers. So, the possibilities of anemia and thyroid have been ruled out. The next step is an echo [...]

Take a Deep Breath…..

YES! I have been breathing *much* better today. No yawning and making silly faces, trying to swallow a big gulp of air! Ah, it feels so much better. I don’t even have to open my mouth to breathe, matter of fact. Gads, it is hard to even imagine such a thing unless one experiences this! [...]

Four in a Row!

Nice days, that is! I cannot believe the contrast from one week ago. Today, as I was walking outside in the sun, I felt faint from the heat! Wow! While Mondays are usually hurried and crazy, today was relatively quiet. I enjoyed that and made the most of it. The only plan for today was [...]

A Spectacular Day!

Wow, another wonderful, glorious, gorgeous day! Thinking back to one week ago, we were waiting out the pending storm and watching the sky! Hopefully, *that* weather is now behind us! It was such a nice day, I just couldn’t resist taking a stroll down to the camper to open the windows to allow the fresh [...]

Frenzied But Fabulous Friday!

I was going to tell all that has been going on the past couple of days in one entry, but decided it was too long. Sooo…. Yesterday morning, (Friday) I had an early appointment with the doctor at 8:30 am. Since last August, I have had a number of instances where I have a bit [...]

BIGFOOT Was at Our House!

If Ben sees this, I hope he can smile at it instead of hitting me over the head with a baseball bat! I just could not resist….ever since Ben was a little mite, he always went outside in the snow barefoot. This is something I could never have *ever* done…..my toes would have FROZEN!!!