Dad’s Home!

I am so happy….my brother Randy called this afternoon while he and my parents were on their way home from the hospital. My father was talking happily in the background and it just seems like all is right in the world once again! Today was a research day online where I was reading and rereading [...]

Waiting, Prayers, and Optimism

On Tuesday, my father had to travel to the doctor (about 60 miles) to be wired with a heart monitor. He wore it for 24 hours, then returned it to the office. As soon as he and my mother returned home, there was a message from the doctor’s office on their answering machine. The message [...]

A Chilly But Beautiful Day!

Even though the temperature never reached beyond the 40 degree mark here today, it was a day full of bright sunshine…the kind of day that just causes your heart to sing with the anticipation of warmer days ahead! As beautiful as it was outside, I had to stay inside most of the day, doing chores [...]

Ditches and Flowers

Ditches…the reality is that when one lives on a steep grade, one must spend some time cleaning and unplugging ditches! Every time it rains heavily, Mark asks Ben to check the ditches. I never realized the power of water running over the earth, even though I have learned about erosion since I was a little [...]

Can This Truly Be March?

As I was loading pictures to share, I came across one I forgot to mention yesterday! (in my lengthy entry!) When we were at Sprague’s yesterday, my mom decided to spoil me by buying a bottle of liquid gold! (AKA, maple syrup!) I also noticed that Carly made a comment on my entry yesterday regarding [...]

Sunday Fun!

Yesterday, my mom called and asked if we wanted to meet at our “regular meeting place”. That has become Sprague’s, a terrific restaurant I have mentioned on my blog before. I was especially excited, as they are actively “sugaring” during the month of March. Yesterday didn’t work out, so Mark suggested today. Although disappointed at [...]

Homecooking and Whatnot

Today was a busy day. Michelle had made plans to see a movie with her friend, Katie, and we had to drive them up to the theatre. We did some things around the house this morning, then had to get ready to go. Michelle had risen early today, as she had some laundry to do…..She [...]

What a Pretty Crescent Moon

When I took the boys out for their final evening “constitution” tonight, I was in awe of the wonderful celestial display. How beautiful all the stars…shining in all their glory. And the crescent moon is so pretty! So, I did something I could not do with my Olympus camera! Yes, there is the moon shining [...]

Satisfied Complacency

Well, it’s fact, we are all fallen, imperfect and sinful. In our hearts we have all had a record smeared with murder, lust, treason, hatred, vanity and even worse. If there is anything good in the heart, it wasn’t by our own doing. So in the church I think we’ve developed this mentality that we [...]

Addendum to Feeling Good!

How could I have possibly forgotten about the little “glitch” last night? Mark and Ben and I arrived at Wegman’s a few minutes before Carly. We looked around at all the food (and they certainly have a wide variety) and decided the subs looked good. When Carly arrived, Ben went off into the store to [...]