I Do Love Quiet Days!

Today was a “recovery” day after all of the bustling of yesterday. A day when everything is so much slower, and I feel like I can gather my thoughts together. This morning, I decided to enjoy a soak in that hot tub…a couple of days ago, I was shoveling the back deck. I twisted, *knowing* [...]


This was another one of those very loooonnnnngggg days! Mark has set up my laptop so I can connect with another computer to watch TV on it. This is so nice, as I rarely have time to sit still. I really only enjoy watching HGTV….especially the home buying and selling shows. I love seeing glimpses [...]

Winter Can Make People Weird!

Well, it can make husbands weird! I have proof! Mark has always been a very conservative, forward-thinking human. I mean, he isn’t real excitable like I am…. So, here is the proof that winter has, perhaps, made him a little “funny”. If you know me, you know that I have two Scottie boys, Angus and [...]

A Quiet Friday

Last night, the temps had gotten warm enough for me to scrape all of the ice off the back deck. This made me so happy, as it is really hard to trounce outside on a slippery deck to grab firewood from the woodshed. I have fallen a couple of times when bounding out the door [...]

No More Spring Fever!

Not here, anyway! The Polar Express has decided to return and the wind is merciless out there! Carly and I had made plans to take the kids snowtubing today. It was funny, because as we spoke last week about sledding, we both thought of this place! It is called Polarwave Snowtubing.We arrived around 11:45, and [...]

That Funny Thing Called Food….

I got to thinking about food today, and how funny it is that when we are tired and don’t feel so great, we are more apt to eat junk. When the world is looking grand and we are on top of our game, we adore cooking! When I went to the (non-event) Christmas Craft Show [...]

Yet Another FUN Day!

Or, NOT! After posting about taking the refrigerator apart the other day, what could possibly top that? How about emptying and cleaning the hot tub? hehehe It really wasn’t THAT bad, but I should have read ALL of the instructions before cleaning the tub surface! I have never had the need to clean the tub [...]

Spring Fever?

Yesterday was a busy day, getting the driveway all plowed and cleaning off the sidewalks and porches. The back deck has had a “coating” of snow about 2 inches deep. It drives me nuts walking over it, but try as I might, it just refused to budge! Well, this morning, when I took the boys [...]

Help! My Fridge Has No Doors!

OK, so they are actually back on again *now*! We have an old Amana refrigerator that is about 15 years old now. It is Almond color, and I must say it has sufficed in keeping our “keep refrigerated” items for all of these years. In fact, were that poor old refrigerator able to speak, I [...]