Tonight was Michelle’s Bible Study night, so, I decided I was NOT going to leave the camera behind this time! With (serious) thoughts about that new camera I mentioned last night, I am trying to really press this one…I love this camera, even though I know that the Canons seem to get top billing amongst [...]

A Romp in the Snow

Late this afternoon as the sun was beginning to head over the mountains, I took the Scotties out to take some pictures. In all honesty, I was wanting to take Angus only, but as we tried to *sneak* out the door, Murphy came bounding in, little tail wagging behind him…. I wanted to try out [...]

Making Guitars?

Yup, that was the agenda for today… Ben has a birthday coming up, and he wanted a different and unique pinata for a party. Oh BOY! He also wanted to have a theme of “music”. So, he told Mark, and Mark being as computer SAVY as I am INEPT, searched around and found a good [...]

Winter Wonderland

That is precisely how it looks this morning! The trees are frosted in white and there is probably 2 or 3 inches of fluffy white snow atop the landscape. It sure is pretty, and if this would have been Christmas morning, I would have been jumping for JOY! But, I still love it, albeit late! [...]


Today I had to run down to our “local” little town to mail some letters AND to try out the new Chinese restaurant. Yes, what a surprise to have Chinese food only 8 miles from home! As I drove on one of the roads, I stopped at the overlook the town built a year or [...]

Naughty Puppy!!!

AND, a young teenage girl with a *wild* imagination equals something too funny! Last night, as I was on the computer, I heard Murphy chewing on something, but I ignored him. Michelle came into the room and squealed. So, what was all the noise about? On Friday, we received a postcard from the vet’s office [...]

Feeling a Bit Like a Misfit!

It seems like everywhere I go, people are complaining about the cold weather. They say it is *so* cold. Hmmmm….Today, I went outside with the dogs, one at a time, so we could enjoy a little walk around the yard. As I looked at the thermometer, it sent a bit of a “shiver” down my [...]

Frigid, Frosty, but reFreshing!

Today was really pretty nippy! I love being outside when the temperatures drop, but it was cold today, as there was a brisk wind! Last night, I was wondering if the house might perhaps blow off its foundation….it was that windy! The kids had signed up to attend “Gladiator Games” at the Christian center about [...]

Murphy and The Squirrel!

Yesterday, we went to visit my mother in law at her house. We were supposed to exchange Christmas gifts with Mark’s mom and sister, but time has been slipping by, so we thought we had better do it sooner than later! Mark’s mom loves dogs, and boy did she spoil Angus and Murphy! They each [...]